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Here I will show you a little bit of what is inside the “little empire” of Victor Piella and all that I have done.


First of all you will find the presentation website with a little bit of the services, works and knowledge that I have. With this one I have gone through several changes of design and approach to the way I present myself. It's quite curious, one day I would have to make a history. It would be cool. Searching through /works you can see it but it would be cool if it was a bit more organized.


On the other hand we find the site purely dedicated to programming topics. Languages, certifications, experience, FAQ, CV and much more is what I show in this landing page.


This was a very fun project where I automated the job selection process. The first steps are always the same so I automated them. I put the cherry on the cake with this.


My more photographic side and some of the images I'm proud of.


Shortcut to my CV, which you can also see that it is not a normal CV. I always try to give them a special touch. On the other hand I also automated the process of scheduling a call in this case for headhunters.


I developed my own linktree to collect all the links of interest always with a nice design.


Finally a blog section with a bit of a mix of topics and languages, I know. It's not my priority but I wanted to document and show everything I've done.

I want to add all the sideprojects that I consider “finished” to which I have a lot of affection and if someone would like to continue or give another approach I would be happy to do it.